Fair Usage Policy

The use of Vastspace products and services are governed by the Fair Use Policy, stated here, which covers the fair use of bandwidth and other resources on shared hosting plans (e.g. WISE and etc.) and other services where there is or not an indication of “un-metered / unmetered” data transfer.


Vastspace provides unmetered data transfer on the web hosting services and all kind of web hosting plans which offer generous fair use of data transfer. Data transfer covers bandwidth both Singapore and International data per month. This bandwidth provides customers with as much data transfer per month as they wish to use without any extra charge. Customers may use this data for any purpose other than those unacceptable as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy. Should Vastspace deem a customer’s account as exceeding fair use bandwidth consumption which causes interference with other users, Vastspace will notify the customer and allow the customer to remedy the problem. However, should a customers’ bandwidth usage be significantly greater than fair use, Vastspace reserves the right to suspend or throttle the customers’ account where is appropriate. For a dedicated server, we guarantee a minimum bandwidth of 10 Mbps. Vastspace will discuss available options that could provide better service for the customers.

Illegal Activity

Customer may only use Vastspace Web Hosting’s Server for lawful purpose. Transmission of any material in violation of any local regulation is prohibited and this includes gambling, betting and pornography, are strictly prohibited as well as housing any copyrighted information, to which the customer does not hold the copyright or an appropriate license on Vastspace Web Hosting Servers. Also, using Vastspace servers or network to conspire to commit or support the commission of illegal activities is forbidden as well.

Abusive Scripts/Processes

Any script/process/etc that adversely affects the ability of any other customer to satisfactorily use their provided services is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, CPU-intensive CGI/PHP/ASP/.NET scripts and websites for which the scale of traffic has exceeded the acceptable limits of a web hosting environment.

Other Resources

Vastspace provides databases or other resources on its web hosting plans. This provides our customers with the choice and control over the amount they provide to their own hosting clients. Customers may use these features as they like but must stay within reasonable standards of fair use. Massive creation of subdomain based web hosting accounts are forbidden on here. Should Vastspace find that a customer’s account is abusing this feature, Vastspace will notify the customer and allow the customer to remedy the problem of mass mail or, MySQL usage etc. If the customer’s account continues to exceed fair use, Vastspace reserves the right to suspend the customer’s account and discuss a more suitable option that would provide a better service for the customer.


Vastspace reserves the right to add or modify the terms of fair usage presented here. On this website, the terms bandwidth and data transfer are used interchangeably. Other acceptable terms of service rather than fair usage policy can also be found at https://www.vastspace.sg/fair-usage-policy/.